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Fall Festival 2022

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New Atlas - Tech & Science

NASA develops electrodynamic broom to repel clingy, abrasive Moon dust

Future Moon bases may be a bit tidier thanks to an electric shield that protects equipment from destructive lunar dust. NASA's Electrodynamic Dust Shield (EDS) technology promises to tame the [...]

Offline squaredrop camping trailer deploys fold-out cafe and bathroom

We've looked at several rugged, expanding camping trailers from Australia's Offline Campers over the years, and now the builder is preparing a flagship. Still built tough enough for anything the [...]

Freaky 'Leptanilla voldemort' ant earns its name in the darkness

A newly discovered ant has been aptly named after the creepiest of all Harry Potter villains, Lord Voldemort. Like the lord, the ant is pale, slender, and it lives in [...]

Video: Multi-talented underwater robot uses fins to swim, walk and crawl

A new underwater robot can swim through the water with fins, and walk or crawl along the bottom when necessary. These capabilities could really give it a leg up – [...]

Honeycomb House showcases the future of urban living in Germany

In the city of Munich, Germany, a groundbreaking architectural endeavour is transforming communal living. Crafted by German architectural firm Peter Haimerl Architektur, the Clusterwohnen Wabenhaus – affectionately known as the [...]