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Twisting four-tower Tencent HQ forms a vortex in Shenzhen

Büro Ole Scheeren has revealed plans for an extraordinary new project named the Tencent Helix. Taking the form of four connected twisting towers, the ambitious development will serve as the [...]

DNA-folding nanorobots can manufacture limitless copies of themselves

Researchers have demonstrated a programmable nano-scale robot, made from a few strands of DNA, that's capable of grabbing other snippets of DNA, and positioning them together to manufacture new UV-welded [...]

Low- & non-alcoholic beer may be a breeding ground for food-borne bugs

A new study has found that compared to regular-strength beer, low- and non-alcoholic beers may be a breeding ground for food-borne pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella, which can be [...]

World's oldest disease-causing fungus found, named after Beatrix Potter

A fungus that attacked other organisms 407 million years ago has been unearthed among a collection of fossils, making it the oldest of its kind to have ever been found. [...]

Landmark study uncovers new set of cells behind back pain

In big news for the millions who suffer from chronic lower back pain, scientists have made a potentially huge breakthrough in understanding its cause at a microscopic level.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, [...]