3rd Saturday in March 7:00 pm Connell High School Performing Arts Center

Friday Dress Rehersal

Tickets sold at door - $8/person


Saturday Program

Presold tickets only - $15/person

Public Ticket Sales on February # 2020 (TBA)

Mission Statement

To provide young women a positive experience that emphasizes excellence in scholarship, leadership and talent.


The purpose of Miss Connell/North Franklin Scholarship Program (MCSP) is to offer a scholarship program in which high school aged young women are recognized for excellence through the participants academic achievements, on-stage performance, and public demonstration of their abilities. The MCSP rewards excellence by awarding cash scholarships, paid directly to the college of the contestants' choice, to assist the selected participants in continuing their educational pursuits. The MCSP encourages excellence by providing opportunities for the growth and development of each participant. It encourages each young woman to strive for continual improvement and to always Be Her Own Kind of Beautiful. The Miss Connell/North Franklin Program is open to all eligible young women who are currently enrolled as a junior at the high school level in the North Franklin School District regardless of race, creed, color, religion, national origin or disability.


Scored prior to program
books - scholastic 2018


Transcripts are reviewed and scored by a collegiate panel of judges


Scored morning of program
Meredith judges1


Formal 10 Minute Interview with Judges

Past Miss Connell, Distinguished Young Women, Jr Miss

  • 2019 Makaley Specht

    2018 Daniella Garcia 

    2017 Madison Knight

    2016 Anna Kleinbach

    2015 Kira Knight

    2014 Jessica Hawkins

    2013 Carly Knight

    2012 Sommer Boyd

    2011 Megan Booker

    2010 Laryn Wells

    2009 Sarah McGary

    2008 Eva Grassl

    2007 Emily Davidson

    2006 Coriann Wood

    2005 Brooke Didier

    2004 Trisha Quinton

    2003 Madie Poulson

    2002 Jani Lyle

    2001 Tracy Kunkel

    2000 Meg Casper

    1999 Kelliann Gledhill

    1998 Leah Niles

    1997 Tamara Gledhill

    1996 Ame Edler

    1995 Ky Wiswall

    1994 Kathy Kleinbach

    1993 Elena Grassl

    1992 Rachel Pauly

    1991 Jill Meline

    1990 Beth Sutton

    1989 Jenny Rowley

    1988 Greta Davis

    1987 Louise James 

    1986 Kaylynn Peterson

    1985 Annette SImpson

    1984 Barbara Thompson

    1983 Marie Rowley

    1982 Toni Cerna

    1981 - no representative

    1980 Danet Seely

    1979 Mary Valdez

    1978 Ami Keeney

    1977 Jennifer Erdman

    1976 Susan Dorman

    1975 Jeri Hudlow

    1974 Riki Jo Tuckett

    1973 Jodi Hudlow

    1972 Molly Calfee

    1971 Margie Fox

    1970 Lanai Colwell

    1969 Faye Calfee

    1968 Marlene Wilson

    1967 Janette Marble

    1966 ReNee Tuckett

    1965 Valerie Huddleston

    1964 Rayma Bailie

    1963 Judy Biorn

    1962 Sandy Mohn

    1961 Pam Miller

    1960 Bonnie Poulson

    1959 Dorothy Hayes

    1658 Claudia Ambacher

    1957 Gweneth Janosky

    1956 Linda Ambacher

    1955 Marilyn Colley

    1954 Glenice Reidlinger

    1953 Frances Baker



2019 Miss Connell

Makaley Specht

Finalists - Meredith Burgoyne & Marissa Lloyd