Connell Heritage Museum

The Connell Heritage Museum, located in the OId Town Park, recently celebrated the addition of a new annex building and a restored homestead house with a re-grand opening on May 5th. The museum site features 5 exhibit areas now including the original building (formerly a church), the Hudlow Memorial Annex & Garden, the Adams Homestead circa 1910, the Pepiot Ranch House, and the 1974 Burlington Northern Caboose. The museum is served by a dedicated museum boar, many volunteers that work at the museum, and others that volunteer to research and gather more information about the history of Connell, the surrounding areas, and the different organizations in Connell.

Some history on the original building – the 1905 Gothic Revival church is a historical structure and has been the site of numerous churches of different denominations over the last century. The local historical society purchased the building to save it from being destroyed and later sold it to the city for use as a museum. After being restored to the original structure, it is now situated in a beautiful setting of old trees, grass, and rock walls. The church features a large meeting area, kitchen, public restrooms, and is also ADA accessible.

The museum’s mission is to invest, collect, preserve and share the history and culture of Connell and the surrounding areas. They have collected and displayed a wide variety of historic artifacts, pictures, tools, furniture, oral history, DVD’s, local history books, maps, pamphlets, obituaries and school pictures. There is also an extensive collection of the local newspaper publications covering 1905 to present.

Located at 350 W. Adams St, the museum is open on Saturdays from 9am-1pm, Sundays 1pm – 4pm, and Thursdays 3:30pm-7pm. To arrange a special tour outside of regular hours or to inquire about facility rental, contact them at 509-234-0482. Visit their Facebook page Connell Heritage Museum or email at . The Museum holds special events throughout the year and is always happy to welcome new members and volunteers.

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