Columbia Basin Health Association

Columbia Basin Health Association started in Connell in 2007 as a modular dental unit and finally opened a full medical clinic in Connell at the south part of town in 2011. It soon saw the need in the community to add a pharmacy and eye clinic. Not only do they offer medical, dental, and eye care but they also offer family support services, behavioral health and twice a month there is a Psychologist ARNP at the Connell clinic. As of the end of 2017, CBHA overall has treated 34,716 patients with 367 employees. This number is growing every day.

CBHA has served the local community by offering a “one stop shop” of healthcare services that are available and easily accessible. Making it convenient to seek treatment or schedule an appointment quicker without sacrificing the quality of care while lessening the travel time. CBHA was founded in 1971, by citizens in the community of Othello who wanted to guarantee equal access to health care to all people living and working within the Othello’s trade area. They saw the expressing need for healthcare in the agricultural community and though there was a lot of opposition to their vision they pushed forward. Finally a clinic opened with only 1 staff physician and 4 exam rooms, the first patient was seen in August 1973. In addition to healthcare, CBHA has offered many new jobs/careers to the community - the Connell Clinic staff are all residents of Connell or the area; currently there are 25 full time and 4 part time employees.

There are now 3 clinics – Connell, Othello and Wahluke (Mattawa). CBHA plans to expand their business and clinic by offering more services to the community and area of Connell – they recently added early intervention home visits to be available to the community. The Othello clinic in addition to the already listed services also offers prenatal and WIC services as well.

As Connell Clinic Manager, Nohely Velazquez stated, “we offer quality customer service in addition to healthcare…we are confident in our staff that they are equipped to help the community navigate not only CBHA resources but also community resources as well.” She talked about the newest facet to the Connell clinic – free transportation for those who live in Connell to make it to their morning appointments – we hope to soon add to that by serving those who live within a 10+ mile radius soon. If you would like to use the transportation services just call the front desk when you make your appointment to also schedule a pickup time.

The Connell clinic is open 7am -6pm Monday through Friday the individual services vary in opening/closing times. The clinic is located at 1051 S Columbia Ave (past US Bank). To schedule an appointment or to get additional information please call 509-234-0866 or visit their website
The website offers more information on the clinic and quick facts overall for the 3 clinic sites.

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