Steer Exhibitors 2020

We’ve decided to forgo Tag Day for steers this year only due to the Washington State Shelter at Home / Social Distancing Order. Here’s what that means for you:

  • You still need to Register on Showorks by midnight April 17 to be eligible to show at the CBJLS. Click on Showorks Registration Button.

  • You still need to complete YQCA certification by midnight April 17 to be eligible to show at CBJLS. If you haven’t completed the training yet, your only option is to do it online. A coupon is being offered during the month of April.   Click on YQCA Coupon Button 

  • Once you have registered your steer(s) for CBJLS, 4-H/FFA enrollment will be confirmed as will the YQCA status. If eligibility is confirmed, a tag(s) will be issued to you either by mail or will be available for pickup. You will be contacted for your preference.
  • The tag needs to be in the steer’s LEFT EAR.
  • Exhibitors have until May 1st to tag their steer(s), and upload required pictures of the steer, the tag, the brand, out of state paperwork (if applicable) and the brand slip (if applicable).  Click on STEER TAG/PHOTO SUBMISSION FORM button.

  • ****IMPORTANT***** Keep ALL SUMBITTED RECORDS, FORMS and PHOTOS in printed form/hard copy as the original documents will need to be collected by the beef superintendent at weigh-in at show time.

  • The Steer of Merit Carcass Evaluation Program is still in place to be conducted after the show.

  • If you need assistance tagging your animal, contact 4-H & FFA Beef Superintendent Lori Mercer at 509-521-8454