North Franklin School District will resume school later this month under new leadership and new Superintendent Jim Jacobs who is ready for the 2018-2019 school year. As we bid a fond farewell and thanks to Gregg Taylor for his 25 years at NFSD (the past 11 as Superintendent), we warmly welcome Mr. Jacobs, who started his career with NFSD in 1996.

Jim started his career in education after serving in the Army and attending college. In 1996, an opening at the Camp Outlook Bootcamp, where he fit the criteria to a T, brought him and his wife, Amy, to Connell. After living in different places around the US, “it was the people and the community that made us want to stay here and raise a family” stated Jacobs. He spent 3 years working at Camp Outlook Bootcamp then moved throughout the district in various positions including: Connell High School Librarian (1 yr), Mesa Elementary Principal (3 years), Basin City Elementary Principal (4 years), and for the last 11 years has led the Olds Jr High as Principal.

North Franklin School District is a PreK-12 school system with 1 Preschool, 3 elementary schools, 1 Jr High, 1 High School, and 1 Alternative High School. NFSD employs approximately 300 people and serves over 2100 students. Jacob's goal is to continue the upward trajectory as one of the best districts in Eastern Washington. He wants to keep pushing forward, leading students, staff, and parents to success. In the NFSD newsletter Jim stated “Our goal is to have our students prepared for college, the military, or the career of their choice after graduation. We have a very high graduation rate that is due to the many levels of support, enrichment and intervention that our schools and community provide to our students throughout their educational journey.” One of his many goals is to keep adding layers to the NFSD system – customer satisfaction and responsiveness are at the top of making the following layers possible. He also plans on continuing the expansion, additions, and renovations to the district that Taylor had set in place and started during his time.

Superintendent Jim Jacobs says he offers the community “good leadership, years of personal relationships across the community, and most of all a passion for others success – students, staff, and parents, who are all working towards their own goals.”

The Jacobs family lives in Eltopia. Jim’s wife, Amy, has been at Mesa Elementary for 12 years as a Para-Ed and Food Clerk. They have 2 daughters that have both graduated from Connell High School. Maddy is a Junior at Whitworth planning to follow in her parent’s footsteps and go into elementary education. Jamie is a Sophomore at Eastern Oregon University studying Physical Therapy. When asked what Jim would have done if he hadn’t gone into public education he said “I would be doing something in technology in corporate business.”

The 2018-2019 school year starts for students 1st-6th, 7th, and 9th grade on August 27th. All students 1st-12th will attend classes on August 28th. The Eagles Nest BBQ will be on August 30th at 5:00pm at the CHS campus. All School offices open on August 14th. Check out for school contact information, NFSD news, updates and upcoming events.

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