Farmwife Pretty

Cecily Piovesan is an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International and the owner of FarmWife Pretty which she started in November of 2016. SeneGence International is a home-based business for woman that offers a flexible lifestyle while financially supporting for her family. This is the biggest reason apart from her love for the product that Cecily decided this would be the perfect fit for her, her 3 kids and husband.  She has a Facebook and Instagram that you can follow and watch her daily tutorial and style videos of not only the SeneGence Product but also many other things that she loves! She offers giveaways through her social media through posts – offering new products, her favorites or sneak peeks and sales. She offers home parties, one on one make-overs, or you can shop online from home at her website.

SeneGence International is a skincare and makeup company – the most popular product in their line is LipSense – the smudge proof, all day lasting lip color. However the line extends to all areas of makeup; foundations, eyeshadows, blush, highlighters/bronzers/powders, mascara, and an extensive skincare and anti-aging skincare line and body care, there are even products made for kids too.

With Farmwife Pretty Cecily is able to be a fulltime mom and be a working mom for her family. She has a team and is always looking to share with other woman on how this can work for them and growing her team. It might be for you if you love the product, are eager, friendly, want a little extra money or a fulltime -flexible job and are ready to put a little work into it - contact her for more information. Ultimately, Cecily wants to support other woman in the community – giving them options of how to financially support or earn extra money for their family outside to the traditional 9-5 worforce. She recognizes that nowadays it requires woman to work outside of the home so that they can help support raising a family. She wants to help return moms to their home and children by providing a new opportunity.

When Cecily first visited Connell back in 2010 she thought it was out in the middle of nowhere and didn’t understand how people could live so far from the big city (she is orginally from Pasco). Fast forward 8 years – after she married a local farmboy Doug Pioveson – they now live outside of Connell and raise their 3 kids. She loves this town, community and the friendships she has made and can’t imagine raising her family anywhere else.  Check out FarmWife Pretty on Facebook, Instagram, or her website  To schedule a home party or a free makeover contact Cecily Pioveson at 509-4302-6149 or email

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