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The purpose of this organization shall be the positive development of youth through the improvement of their life skills, i.e. accepting responsibility, cultivating citizenship, developing leadership, social, and communication skills; provide the opportunity to have their animals appraised by the most competent judges and to experience victory or defeat; providing an educational experience in which they learn about the economic value of desirable market traits and how to recognize those traits; improve their skills in animal care, animal products and how they are produced; present them with the challenge of helping to educate the general public of what livestock production is and what it involves; providing the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with business leaders and those who buy their animals and help support the show.

Animal Welfare Policy

The CBJLS supports the humane treatment of all animals. We are committed to: 1. Upholding the welfare of animals as a primary consideration in all activities. 2. Requiring that animals be treated with kindness, respect, and compassion. 3. Ensuring that owners, trainers, and exhibitors use responsible care in handling, transporting, and exhibiting their animals. Animals should never be left unattended in or on a trimming stand. 4. Providing for the continuous well-being of animals through proper watering, feeding, disease prevention, sanitation, and attention to their safety. 5. Supporting scientific research to improve the health, safety, and well-being of livestock.

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for the positive development of youth through Improvement of their life skills Education about livestock production and marketing Challenges to help educate others from their awareness Exposure to business leaders, market supporters, and show volunteers


We strive for courtesy and good etiquette within our exhibitors. We ask that every exhibitor thank our sponsors/donors for their efforts that make our show a reality. We ask that all exhibitors write a thank you note to the buyer for every animal that is sold at the show. The same will hold true for any rewards. We strive to make our show the best we can. We love and respect our youth.


Early in 1995, groups of business people, livestock producers, and parents began actively preparing the foundation for an exhibition venue to promote the development of local youth in agriculture. Interim efforts reflect the acquisition of a quality show location, ground developments, and basic expansion of organizational support. The sole source of revenue to operate and maintain the growth of this project has relied on private funding through donations and sponsorships from businesses and individuals in the Columbia Basin Community.

Show Membership

Since no state funds are available for our show, this program is solely funded by donated money from area businesses and individuals. We ask for your support and contributions for the Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show. There will be a Columbia Basin Junior Livestock meeting (everyone is welcome) during the CBJLS Show. For more information, please call Burl Booker at 509-989-0360.


Sponsorships: Sponsorships are the specific source of premium funding for our program. This reward system directly affects 250 to 300 4-H and FFA participants from Franklin, Adams, Benton, and Walla Walla Counties, consistently, with distributed earnings to exhibitors between $20 and $50 based on premium points earned by their animal project placing and/or by their personal performance in Fitting and Showing Classes. Each sponsor is represented by a 4’ x 4’ sign or banner displayed during the class or your support choice in addition to listings in the Show Book, Market Stock Sale Catalog, and on each exhibitor’s settlement sheet with special recognition observed at the Appreciation Barbecue following the Saturday Market Stock Sale. Contributions: These donations, $250 to $1000, provide the unique extras to Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show participants – breakfast each morning, evening entertainment and the Appreciation Barbecue for exhibitors, parents, and buyers on Saturday. Purchase an Animal Project: Purchase a complete animal project at the Livestock Market Stock Sale for personal consumption by electing your butcher or “turn” and pay the support price difference. Growth Fund donations are used to make capital improvements to enhance the CBJLS program. VISIT OUR SHOW – observe youth compete and exhibit their animals, meet new people.