Age 40 ยท Marketing Director

Video Editing 90%

Graphic Design 87%

WordPress 83%

Web Hosting / Server 80%

Social Media / Ad Deployment 80%

Analytics 75%

This resume is built on a WordPress site I'm developing for my hometown.

The site uses an architecture that allows it to take any form on any page. You may notice that it will behave differently depending on where you view it (desktop/mobile).

I thought it best to demonstrate various elements to show competency but admittedly,

I haven't applied for a job in 13 years.

Let's start there:


When I applied at Booker Auction Co at the end of 2008, my education background was primarily in English and Information Technology and I had spent nearly 10 years professionally in graphic design. During the previous few years, I crosstrained in web development and managed a northwest musicians blog. As a multimedia tradesman, I was ready to climb the ladder into a marketing director position.

The owner informed me at the second interview that he, "was looking for someone to help take the company to the next level and get it ready for his kids to take over". Throughout my time there, I managed the entirety of print and social media creation and deployment, built a durable web presence, and refined the technology infrastructure and event management dynamics.

This infographic is quite large (may be best viewed on a desktop). There are numerous brochure/advertising examples.


Booker Auction Co.

My achievements by the numbers


Promoted Asset & Real Estate Sales


Unique Website User Sessions


Mailed Brochures, Postcards, Flyers


Managed terabytes of client and project data

Take a look back

As the company descendants have taken a new direction, one can still see the last build:

Here's the real estate version

There were 4 major versions of the company sites over the course of my time there

View counts were higher on other platforms - YouTube was more for storage

The video shorts don't embed well so here are some buttons

Some of the volunteer efforts

Once upon a time, I made music often

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